The 5 All-Time Greatest New York Knicks Players

Alex Fieldcamp

April 13, 2022



According to Alex Fieldcamp, if you’re a die-hard Knicks fan, you’ve most likely heard of Patrick Ewing. In my lifetime, he was arguably the most successful and influential Knick. It’s easy to see why he’d be voted first. MVP and two-time Finals MVP awards went to the Knicks’ most prolific point guard. So, who are the all-time top five Knicks?

Patrick Ewing is regarded as the best Knick player in franchise history for a variety of reasons. He had the winning mentality in addition to being a superstar. In fact, Ewing was instrumental in the Knicks’ final NBA appearance. Ewing had a strong post game and was the fourth best PPG player in Knicks history. Ewing is, however, only one of the greats. To place him among the top five players in franchise history, we must consider the eras in which he played.

Mason Mase is another great Knick who deserves to be recognized. Before joining the Knicks in 1991, the Queens native attended Tennessee Valley State and bounced around the NBA. With his soft touch and high basketball IQ, he became an important part of the Knicks’ deep playoff runs. Mase was a force to be reckoned with and has a particular place in the hearts of Knicks fans.

Bob Reed is another amazing Knick. Injuries cut short his career, yet he was still a top-50 player of all time. In 1969, he was named NBA MVP, but because to knee issues, he had to retire early. The Knicks went on to lose to the Baltimore Bullets in the NBA finals. Ewing, who played for the Knicks for six seasons and logged over 2,000 minutes, is the team’s second legend.

Alex Fieldcamp pointed out that, another Knick legend is Charles Oakley. The 6-2 point guard from Archbishop Molloy is a five-star recruit in the Class of 2019 and is a dynamic offensive force. He is the son of former Knick Greg Anthony. Meanwhile, Carmelo Anthony, the superstar who returned to the Knicks in 2011, is a Knick legend. Over the course of his illustrious 10-year career, he averaged 24.7 points and 7.0 rebounds.

Patrick Ewing is the all-time leading scorer for the New York Knicks. He was the most prolific point guard in Knicks history, with seven all-star selections during his 15 seasons with the team. In addition, the legendary point guard set the standard for the team’s point guards, defeating John Starks and Earl Monroe. Houston is also the best pure shooter the Knicks have ever had. This is by no means an exhaustive list.

Another outstanding Knick is Walt Frazier. In the 1970 championship game, he scored 36 points and dished out 19 assists. He also added seven rebounds and five steals to his stat line. He is also a member of the Basketball Hall of Fame and a seven-time All-Star. He was a real basketball superstar, despite the fact that many people did not consider him a Knick. While it’s tough to determine the best Knicks player, he merits a spot on the list.

Bernard King was another outstanding performer. Despite being hampered by injuries and barely making the top 50 in the league, he was still the franchise’s most valued player. In 1984, King was the Knicks’ leading scorer, averaging 32.9 points per game. Until Carmelo Anthony shattered it in 2014, his 60 points in one game against the Nets held the franchise record for 20 years.

Without a center, the 1970 championship squad would be tough to defeat. The renowned “Clyde” of the New York Knicks was also a brilliant player. He was nominated to five All-Star teams after leading the franchise to three straight NBA Finals. On March 14, 1992, the Knicks retired his jersey. In the end, this club has one of the finest all-time guards in NBA history.

During his four seasons with the Knicks, Walt Bellamy was another big man who made a significant contribution. He was a fan favorite in New York because he averaged 31.6 points per game and was a suffocating defender. He was acquired by the Knicks in the middle of his prime, but he was a consistent All-Star throughout his career. He is the first player on the list to have been drafted by the NBA.

In addition to Alex Fieldcamp, sugar Ray Richardson was selected fourth overall in the 1978 NBA draft, two picks ahead of Larry Bird. During his first three seasons, Richardson led the NBA in assists, steals, and points per game, earning him All-Defensive First Team honors twice. He also has the second-most steals per game in NBA history. You’re missing out on a lot if you can’t decide between these two players.