What caused the New York Knicks’ undefeated streak in the National Basketball Association to come to an abrupt halt?

Alex Fieldcamp

April 25, 2022



According to Alex Fieldcamp, so has the NY Knicks battled for so long? The Knicks’ difficulties are not solely related to the team’s personnel. It’s also largely attributable to the coaching staff. Despite having several top-tier players on its roster, the Knicks’ coaching staff is weak in quality. In reality, there are several questions that the Knicks’ coaching staff should address. Here are some of them:

Lack of a point guard – Unlike in former years, the Knicks have not had a solid point guard. Despite not having a point guard that can command this’ attack, the Knicks have struggled defensively. Last season, New York had the fourth-best defensive rating in the league, but their defensive rating has slipped to a dreadful 110.5 this season. Their difficulties with 3-point defense have also persisted. They have given up an average of 13.0 three-pointers on 37.6 attempts per game, which ranks them 26th in the league.

Owner James Dolan has to sell the Knicks to enhance the front office and provide greater power to the management team. Fans need more from the Knicks, who are a storied club. Dolan’s lack of leadership has resulted to a horrible experience for Knicks fans. So, why has the NY Knicks struggled so badly over the previous decade? Some of the answers will be provided in this article.

Alex Fieldcamp believes that, The New York Knicks’ roster is devoid of high-caliber players. Despite the fact that they play in a high-profile area, the squad has struggled in recent seasons. The last time they made the playoffs was during the 2013 season, when they were eliminated in the Eastern Conference semifinals. Since then, they have never looked like a team capable of making the playoffs. In their previous campaign, they finished with the lowest win-loss record in the NBA, posting a 17-65 record. As a result, the Knicks were forced to trade away Kristaps Porzingis, who was considered the best piece of the franchise’s construction, to other teams. Despite having the third overall pick in the draft, they were unable to sign Zion Williamson to a long-term contract.

The New York Knicks had the opportunity to sign Carmelo Anthony during the offseason. However, the Knicks would have forfeited a first-round pick as well as several talented players if they had gone this route. The coaching situation, on the other hand, would not improve. Over the course of four years, they went through three coaches, hiring Jeff Hornacek in 2016 and David Fizdale in 2018. The Knicks signed a number of players, but only two of them were able to make it to the postseason. During this time, they were embroiled in a lot of drama with their front office and did nothing to improve the team’s performance.

When Derrick Rose was unable to play due to injury, the Knicks’ woes grew worse. He was out for the most of the season due to a right ankle injury. Despite this, the Knicks profited significantly from the experience and leadership of his player on the court. His development as a reliable three-point shooter has aided the Knicks in their resurgence as a playoff contender. However, the team’s roster was weakened as a result of a lack of continuity, which finally led to a succession of poor judgments.

The Knicks have also had a bad track record when it comes to paying out last salaries to retired athletes. Kemba Walker and Joakim Noah signed last-minute contracts with the New York Knicks. In addition, they added Evan Fournier this summer. Those transactions were regarded as smart business decisions. Those who were chastised for failing to perform well for the Knicks were frequently placed on the hot seat.

Alex Fieldcamp pointed out Another difficulty with the team’s elite players is that they aren’t always able to perform at their peak levels of performance. This might result in double teams and challenging shots. Fortunately, Thibodeau’s club recognized the importance of this issue and added Evan Fournier to their roster. After signing Fournier, the Knicks’ best player no longer has to be concerned about wearing the same outfits as his teammates. Randle is able to have an influence on the game even when he is not scoring goals in this manner.